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Going Hands-Free for Convenience, Safety & Cleanliness

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Did you know the average person checks their phone an average of 150 times per day?! While we may not all fit the average, many of us touch our phones frequently. However, phones have built in features that allow you to use them without the need to touch them at all. Utilizing hands-free features has many benefits, including convenience, safety, and cleanliness

Use technology to stay in touch with loved ones

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Visiting with family and friends is such a joy. If you live far away from them, or circumstances make it difficult to see them, you know just how special these moments are. Luckily, technology allows us to stay in touch with one another, even if we are far apart.  Cell phones are one of the best ways to stay in touch with your loved ones. All cell phones have the ability to call, which is a great way to talk with people you care about. Calling is a good way to check in, talk about a new recipe you found, or simply hear the voice...

Spring Cleaning: Electronics

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Spring is almost here, and spring cleaning is coming right along with it. When you think of spring cleaning, you may not think of your cell phone. But it's time to start: our cellphones go everywhere with us. They are constantly touching our faces, hands, clothes and any surfaces we place them on. While we might not think about what our phones go through on a daily basis, they are constantly collecting oils, dirt, and germs from everything they come in contact with. Keeping your phone clean and disinfected is the best way to...

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